Flash-Card Mania - Privacy

Flash-Card Mania is extremely committed to customer privacy.

We don't collect any information at all about our users. All that's required to use this site is an email address & userid to login with. If you are concerned about your privacy, we recommend that you don't use an email address/userid that includes your name.

When you purchase a subscription, no personal information is collected by us. Because we're not shipping anything, there is no need for us to have an address or telephone number. Your credit Card information and other data is collected by PayPal only. We never receive it. Please consult PayPal's privacy policy if you have any concerns.

Furthermore, we don't share your email address with any other organizations. We send out very few emails and the few we do send contain a link that you can click to opt out.

If you wish to cancel your account, simply email us using the address you want removed and put cancel account in the subject line.

Total Privacy!

We're one of the few sites in the world that you can use in complete privacy! Even when you subscribe we don't require any information about you. Payment is made through PayPal, so we don't receive your name, credit card number, etc. That's all handled by PayPal.